At the Home Front

As much as if may feel like it at times, our lives have not stopped completely.  Ella has started softball and continues to play violin.  She stays busy at church and school and still loves to do arts and crafts projects any chance she gets.  Today is an Easter egg hunt at school.  It's the very first event I have missed since she started 3 year old preschool.  It is killing me not to be there.  I know she is in good hands with her grandparents, but it's still not the same. 

(Ella in her new Flit and Flitter outfit that she received as a gift.  It just thrills her when she gets something in the mail these days.  It's the little things that go a long way with her. Can't wait to see Lucy wearing her matching one.) 
Jack has become more mobile than ever.  He is army crawling and it is hilarious.  Neither of my girls did this, and I just crack up every time he gets started.  He sets his sights on something and will scoot across the floor until he gets it!

(it's hard to get a picture of a baby army crawling.)

The girls also received these great super hero capes from our friends Jessica, Presley and Ty.  Presley decided that Super Lucy needed a Super Hero cape and asked his mommy to get her one.  Of course, they couldn't leave Ella out either.  Ever being the girly girl, Ella chose a bouquet of flowers as her "sword."

We are still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support our family has received during Lucy's illness.  The letters and tokens of love she receives every day just brighten all our of days.  Thank you all so much.  I have kept a ledger list of almost every gift, card, donation, etc that we have received.  My goal is to one day send each of you a thank you note.  I have a little idea in mind, but right now I've got to focus on Lucy.  So until I can get started on my "plan," please accept our most heart-filled thanks. 

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  1. We are inpatient tonight at St Jude-my daughter started her first round of chemotherapy and I can't sleep. It's hard to sit and watch poison drip into your child's body, but I know you already know this. I just wanted to let you know that we are still praying for Lucy's complete healing and that I feel ya every step of the way!

    Sarah Good

  2. Those capes are super cute! I love how Ella chose flowers! She looks like such a sweet girl.

  3. Those capes are the best!!! I know you feel like you must be hanging on a thread someday but by the looks of it you are doing great!!! Keep it up! I love to see their smiles!!! It makes me think of the verse, "It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul: therefore will I hope in Him!" Lamentations 3:22-24. Praying!!!!

  4. Cute, cute outfits, and I love the capes.

    Katie, you worry to much about all the people here on this blog, don't. Seeing you being encouraged and lifted up by God is more than enough thanks. Rest in Him and don't take on stressing about sending out thank you's to us.

    Praying and praying,

  5. I am loving your two "SUPER GIRLS" in their matching capes! What a thing for the two sisters to bond over. If there is a particular time that Lucy needs to be particularly brave (I know, everyday, but some days I'm sure more than others), it will be great to have her fellow super sister by her side. So clever and meaningful! Having two sisters myself, sometimes a sister's support can fill the gap better than a mother's.

  6. Kate...I found your blog through a flyer at Sycamore View Church of Christ and have been reading and praying for weeks for Lucy and your family. I ran across this poem on a high school classmate's caringbridge page. Their 1 year old has been battling Leukemia. I wanted to share it with you, if you have not seen it before.

    In Him,
    LaShona Taylor

    The Chosen Ones
    Not just any child could walk this uphill road.
    These children walk it everyday, carrying a heavy load.
    They show us heights of courage that we may never reach.
    They show us what it is to fight a fight you cannot teach.
    We stand beside them knowing there is no guarantee.
    Except the One we started with to love them endlessly.
    They are the special chosen ones, God knew it from the start.
    He picked each child for cancer by measuring their heart.
    The ones that measured biggest would someday face a test.
    The challenge is to understand - God loves them more, not less.
    He's using them to move our hearts closer to His own.
    Teaching us to trust His plan and fear not the unknown.
    For God can move a mountain and part the raging sea.
    He wants our struggles offered up and given forth to Thee.
    He smiles upon the chosen ones, before they're ever born and blesses them with courage to walk through any storm.
    His love for them surpasses ours and cannot be denied, for in the dark of suffering His light will not subside.
    No matter what the outcome, there is the greatest peace, in knowing deep inside their hearts, His love will never cease