All About Jack

Today is our neice Sada's birthday---HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

Today is also Jack's 7 month birthday.  This post is dedicated to him.  Just a few things to remember:
-you started army crawling this week.
-you wear a size 3 diaper.
-you are my biggest baby by far.  You now weigh more than Ella or Lucy did at one year.
-you can eat 2 whole tubs of stage 2 baby food in one sitting.
-introduced those Puffs to you this weekend but you weren't too impressed.
-you still don't sleep through the night, but it is getting better.
-you reach your hands out to someone when you want to go to them.
-you LOVE being outdoors.
-you are by far the happiest, most content, loving baby I've ever known.
-AND...I love you more than words can describe.

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  1. Kate,
    What a precious pumpkin. My Hank (15 mos), like your Jack, did not consistently sleep through the night until 1 year old. He, too, is the most content, happy, joyful baby. In retrospect, I'd choose the happy disposition over sleep any day! :-)
    But I'll pray for sleep, too! Praying for a great week.

    Full of hope,
    Jennifer W Thompson

  2. He is just adorable my friend. Love to see pictures of all your children.

    Praying for Lucy and the rest of you. May God minister sweetly to you all in the days to come.

  3. Happy monthiversary little Jack Jack!

  4. He is a beautiful baby boy!! I know you are "savoring" every moment with him, watching him grow :)