Another Day

Well, another day has passed and we are still bunkered down at the Jude.  We have spent the day doing a little OT, school work, playing Wii and resting.  Today was the first day in more than 4 that she has actually been out of the bed for any length of time.  She is clearly feeling better but far away from 100%.  I asked the doctor today how long she had to be "recovered" until she was ready to start round 4.  His answer was "ready is ready."  That just means that one day with count recovery is the same as 100 to them.  That means that just when her little body has come through 3 weeks of hell, it is officially ready to do it again.  Makes me want to cry just thinking about another month of this. 

One more month...doesn't seem possible. One more month, Praise God!

Here are some pictures from my phone that I took last week.  My friend Allison came to visit and had as much fun visiting with Lucy as she did me :)

That same night my mom and I met my brother and father at The Flying Fish downtown while erik's parents visited with Lucy.  With only 2 adults allowed in the room at a time, we have to do a lot of moving around when we have visitors.  This was our view when we got back and were taking in the night air.

 My baby brother and Lu.

This weekend Ella spent time with Andi and Gracen.  The girls spent the night and everyone in the house was up by 6 am.  We were outside playing by 7!  So much for getting some rest at home.  They were quite entrepreneural, selling bookmarks that they made and pet sitting services.  It was so cute. 

And when I needed to step inside, this is how they babysat Jack.

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  1. cutie pies all of them! Go Lucy Go!

  2. I'm so glad to see that Lucy is feeling a tad better! I'm still praying (as always)! I know this road of chemo is exhausting and sometimes feels as though it will never end, but God can work a miracle through this! My heart is broken over Lucy's illness and I wish I could take it all away, but I can't and so all I can do is pray! I am praying multiple times a day for your precious girl! May the Lord give you extra strength today!

    GO LUCY GO!!!!

    Love you!

  3. August has flown by! I'm hoping September will too! She'll be done before you know it. I'm just sorry there's so much hell to endure before it's over. It's good to see Lucy looking cheerful in the pictures. Keep your chin up! Do you see that you have over 1400 members on this sight?!? That's over 1400 prayer warriors. A hedge around your little family! Go Lucy Go!

  4. So cute! Lucy looks like she's feeling a bit better! One more month! You've made it this far you can do it!!! Go Lucy Go... Go Kate Go!!!

  5. Lucy and your family are on my permanent prayer list and I continue to lift you up morning, noon, and night. I'm praying this next month is over in a flash...that God would meet EVERY need sweet Lucy needs...that your family needs.

  6. Glad to see there wasn't a "for sale" sign on Jack's box :))

    Still praying for Lucy and the rest of you!

  7. So glad to see sweet Lucy smile. One more month....baby girl...one more month!

    Love the girls ingenuity...especially th e cute twist on "JACK" IN THE BOX!!!