Tonight we are hanging low.  Listening to Lucy's playlist on Erik's Ipod.  This would include the Zac Brown Band, REM, Black Eye Peas and the Beatles.  She's got great taste in music!

Taking a bath, just enjoying being a family.  Well, a family minus two.  Trying to make the most of an unfortunate turn of events.  Glad Lucy is feeling better, if only for a little while, thanks to the Morphine that she had to have tonight.

Remembering that life is good.  We take the good with the bad.  So fortunate we have so much to look forward to.  Ready to make new beginnings.  Ready to start over.  Thanking God for the opportunity for a do-over in life.  Reprioritizing some things.  Finally figuring out what really matters. 

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  1. Kate, I can not tell you how much I admire your strength! You all are constantly in my prayers.
    Angels.....Roberta Hefley

  2. I'm still praying for you. I am thankful Lucy is doing a little better for now.