It All Makes Sense

Lucy slept yesterday from 4pm to almost 6:30am today.  Minus the 35 minutes she woke up and screamed the whole time I did her dressing change and she took her meds.  That was fun!  She was also very short of breath and had no stamina at all yesterday.  Couldn't even do PT.

Today her bookd work came back and here is how it reads:

Hgb  7.6 (critical point is 8)
Wbc 0.2
Platelets 12,000 (critical point is 20,000)

So....she is getting blood and platelets and an extra helping of lipids right now.  She is tired and irritable.  Can't say I blame her!  Pulmonary function study at 11:30 and an EKG/Echo at 12:30. 

We are day +12 and still no ANC.  Docs are not too concerned.  They assured me that her body may respond differently after each round of Chemo.  I just pray those counts start coming up because until they do Lucy has to get that nasty G-CSF shot. 
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  1. I have been following your blog since Lucy was diagnosed. I pray for Lucy, you and Erik, and your family daily. Your faith and testimony are inspiring and I have shared your story and recommended your blog to those I know in a similar situation. I read this verse this morning and immediately thought of you guys. I hope it confirms the confidence you have in the Lord. "I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27

  2. Poor sweetie. Praying the counts come up and she feels better. This is my first comment, although I've been reading, and praying, since your first post about Lucy's fight. We have several mutual friends from college. Thank you for sharing your story. Your willingness to share has made an immeasurable positive impact on this world. God bless!

  3. Still praying for Lucy! No words can explain how my heart aches for her...I can't imagine being 5 and going through all of this! All I can say is God is still on the throne and He knows exactly what needs to be done for Lucy! Praying hard for y'all! Hope her tests went well!

    GO LUCY GO!!!

    Love, hope, and prayers 4 Lucy,

  4. Praying!! Poor Lucy :( Poor mom! Hoping her counts come up soon!!

  5. praying for Lucy and your whole family and team of awesome caregivers!