I have been smiling and snickering all day.  Never mind that my baby girl is so tired she can hardly walking 10 feet.  Erik and I had a wonderful morning, filled with positive encouragement and chock for of hope for the future.  We met this morning with Dr. W and reviewed Lucy's MRI.  We contrasted, compared, marveled, questioned and gawked.  We left in sheer amazement at what God has done in Lucy's body through the help of doctors, nurses and medicine.  Seeing the tumors then and now has left me speechelss. 

This is not to say that we are out of the woods.  We know we aren't yet.  However, things are definitely headed in the right direction.  Thank you all for continuing to pray for Lucy.  She is so weak and tired right now, we would appreciate any extra prayers that you might can send her way. 

And please don't stop praying for the other children that we know and those that we have never met here that battling their own cancers.  Kellan, Justin, Lanie, Haley, George, Ivee and so many more. 
And not to ever diminsh Lucy's struggle or any words that I might have written, I wanted to share an email that I received from my SIL Holly today.  She is from the DC area, along with my Aunt and Uncle.  This is what has made me snicker today...

Blame it on the lack of sleep, but I thought this was hilarious!  Look, I'm laughing again. 

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  1. Praise God! I am glad to hear that things are looking up. :) Always praying for your sweet girl and will include the others in my prayers as well.


  2. Laughter is good for the soul :) ... So, so thrilled & in awe of what God is doing in & around Lucy. Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow...

  3. Hallelujah!!! Praise God for wonderful MRI results for Lucy. With Him, and all of the fantastic medical staff at St. Jude, ALL things are possible!
    PS-- Love the earthquake pic. :) I needed that laugh.
    Continuing to pray for Lucy's fatigue.....
    Jenny U.

  4. Kate. I have followed the fight for Lucy for a while now. And I don't know if I commented before. But I have to tel you just how THRILLED I am to read about the good news you received from Lucy's medical team. Amen! Alleluia! Thank you God!

    My daughter has multiple disabilities. She's one of two in the world with her condition. We were told her prognosis and development was uncertain. She's 8. She walks, talks, skips, runs and is starting to learn to write. We rejoice in every teeny tiny achievement of hers and try not to dwell on what she can't do.

    And that you for the Virginia earthquake photo. I laughed too. Love it!

    God Bless you all from our little family in Australia.

    Michelle xxxx

  5. How wonderful that you got good news about your beautiful little girl today!

  6. I saw that one too! So funny, enjoy the laughter and especially the great news.

  7. Dear Kate:
    I just looked at yesterday's post, and marveled at the grace of God. My specific prayer for your family yesterday morning was that you receive encouragement regarding Lucy, and I praise our wonderful God that He gave you exactly that! Praying for you continually!!

  8. That is such great news to hear!

    We are having some rooms in our house painted and I went to pick up paint chips yesterday. I have decided I wanted to do blue in the kitchen. I picked up a color sample and the color was called "Lucy Blue." I wanted this color to coordinate so badly with everything in my kitchen so I could always remember the lessons I have learned from your sweet Lucy. Unfortunatly it didn't match...but there are tons more rooms to paint so I haven't ruled it out completely!

    Go Lucy Go!

  9. Stumbled upon your prayer needs through another blogger's site and had to visit. We will certainly pray for your darling little girl. With God all things are possible and He shall be exhalted forever more. I will add your button to my blog for others to be mindful to pray for Lucy. God bless!

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  10. WOW such great news!! So excited things are starting to look better. I will pray for continued healing for Lucy and all the other children battling their own cancer battle. I snickered too at the pic, but I'm not a good reference since I am also a sleep deprived mom.

  11. PRAISE THE LORD there is improvement on the MRI!!! The Lord is working! I'm still praying, but sharing your excitement, too! It's a relief to see something turning towards the better for sweet Lucy and your family! Praying, Praying, Praying for "Lulu"!


  12. Oh its good to "see" you laughing! Laughter indeed is "good for the soul"! Lifting Luch and ALL the warriors in prayer!

  13. So glad to hear the good news about Lucy! I will continue to pray for her and your beautiful family! Stay strong, and remember that He loves you and is always by your side!

  14. Wow, what great news! Continued prayers for your sweet baby girl & your family, you all are such an inspiration to say the very least!!!!! xxx's & ooo's from the Gutman family.

  15. What fantastic news! I'm just one of those many people who's the friend of a friend of a friend of yours and have been following you since about March. Been praying for Lucy and received my Go Lucy Go tshirt in the mail yesterday. I wore it to my daughter's soccer game this morning. It helps me appreciate how blessed my family is and how much hope I have for yours! May God continue to shine down on Lucy!

  16. I wrote a blog about Lucy and asked for all of my followers and friends to please pray for her...and you. I am SO HAPPY that you got a good report from the doctors...