Much Needed

I went home this weekend to spend time with Ella and Jack.  It was a wonderful 48 hours, but I missed Lucy more than I could ever convey.  She has slept for the larger part of the last 4 days, hardly getting out of bed at all.  I'm so ready for her to start feeling better....and I dread round 4.  I'll update and post pictures tomorrow. 
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  1. It was so GREAT finally getting to have a real conversation with you Friday instead of "ships" passing in the halls of St Jude with our precious cargo in their strollers. You know we are always thinking of you all! So many friends up there going through this, too many to make it real sometimes. Oh, how I hate and appreciate this journey. I hate it for our kids, I hate it for ourselves, but how I love being able to minister and tell of the blessings of our Lord. Keep the faith and I will see you in September!!! Send up a prayer today for Isaiah and Aaron B. as they get their MRIs (their links on on my blog)

  2. So glad you got to love on the "littles"! I know that they enjoyed you as well. Praying for a easier Round 4 for Lucy.