Still Here

Well, we are still here.  Rocking along as well as possible.  Still at the Target House.  No fevers!  Our days are full of doctor appointments and therapy sessions.  Our down time consists of Lucy laying on the couch watching movies or sleeping and mom and I are busy catching up on emails, blog posts and a bizillion thank you notes.  She is so very, very tired.  I've never seen a child so worn down.  Just walking to the bathroom is an all-out effort.  I know this is temporary, but it is so hard to see her this way.

 We remain ever grateful of God's blessings and are reminded constantly of the struggles so many families are facing everyday.  Some days I am so grateful to only be dealing with the issues before us.  Not so many more. 

I am so behind in blog posts.  I haven't even posted about my birthday, and that was over 3 weeks ago.  Ella turns 8 next week.  I am in denial.  Jack turns 1 in 3 weeks.  More denial! 

I went home this past weekend and was able to get some random shots of my Jack.  Ella was the social butterfly and I hardly got to see her at all!

Today was at St. Jude was Doggy Daze.  Child Life has therapy dogs come in and the kids are allowed to play with them.  We've never been able to enjoy Doggy Daze due to scheduling conflicts, but today it worked out perfectly.  Lucy had a great time and back on the band wagon of wanting a puppy!

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  1. Those dogs are SO sweet. I remember when my nephew was in isolation he HATED missing the dogs coming. He did get to see them a few times, and I just can't believe how amazing those animals are! Glad Lucy got to enjoy them!

  2. Animals are great therapy; dogs, cats, horses very soothing to the touch and smell. I am so glad Lucy was able to take part of this.

    Time is flying by so quick and you will be home before you know it.


  3. She looks so happy playing with the doggy! The pictures are so cute! Dogs are good therapy and by the way it looks...she really enjoyed herself! I'm praying that the more she is tired - the more the cancer is going away! I know it's difficult, but rest in the Lord and He can take care of Lucy!