NEW Go Lucy Go T-Shirts!!!!!

This is a shirt that my friend Noel has designed.  She will be selling them to help raise money for the St. Jude Marathon.  Once again, all profits will go directly to St. Jude.  AND she is shipping them!  How cool is that.  I love the shirts and what they stand for.  Please go directly to this site http://www.h2yo.blogspot.com/ to purchase yours. 

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  1. Ordered my shirt! :-) So excited she is shipping them! And I received my hair ribbon last week. I love it! Anything to help Lucy!

  2. Kate,
    I am running as a part of Team Lucy and have a friend who owns a cupcake shop that would like to donate to all the members of our team. I couldn't find any way to contact Kristie Lyons, so could you please pass along my contact info.
    Training,praying ,& fundraising for Lucy,
    Laura Barnett

  3. Kate,

    I don't know you; I probably wouldn't even recognize you if I saw you! However, I somehow stumbled upon your blog the week that Lucy was diagnosed and have been following and praying for y'all since, cheering for you as if we are family. I am honored to support St. Jude in Lucy's honor. And if you ever need a place to stay in Auburn, Alabama, just know that you've got a friend here!