Birthday Wish

HELP: Lucy's 5th birthday is Monday.  She is so upset about being in the hospital on her birthday and I want to do something really special for her.  She LOVES Buzz Lightyear and I was wondering if anyone could help me find a big Buzz costume?  I would love for someone to dress as him and come surprise her on Monday.  Let me know if you have any ideas......
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  1. You do not know me, but I found your blog through another blog, and I wanted to let you know that I am praying fiercely for your family and your sweet little Lucy. I hate cancer.. and I know that you do, too. I wish that I could say more, but all I can really think to do is pray and pray hard. I am so sorry that she has to spend her birthday in the hospital.. if I lived close, I would dress up like Buzz myself. I just told my older daughter (six) about your Lucy (she has a friend who also has brain cancer).. and she said that she would like to send her a package, would that be possible? You can e-mail me at thechangemecrew@gmail.com whenever you can, no rush - I know how consumed your life is right now.


  2. I am also praying for your family. My friend from college, Emily Cook, sent me your blog link. I have been thinking about you and your baby since I read your blog a few days ago.

    I mentioned to Emily that I have suffered from severe nausea from an illness I had several years ago, and nothing worked. Then, I went to a stomach doctor that gave me an iv drip of Anzemet, and it worked! I'm not sure if she has tried it, but I truly think that it helped greatly in my recovery. I was down to 98lbs and was losing about a pound every couple of days.

    Praying, praying, praying. Know that you have SO many people praying.

    -Bri (I had to use my husband's acct...I don't have a google account)

  3. Hi Kate,

    I don't know you but have several friends that do and we have been following your blog and praying so hard for Lucy. You are filled with so much faith it is amazing! I wanted to let you know that we have a buzz light year costume that you are more than welcome to use for Lucy's birthday!!! My whole family dressed as toy story for halloween this past year and my husband was buzz. We live in Germantown and I would be happy to get the costume to you. Call me at 901-730-0402 or 901-212-9671. I am around all weekend and would be happy to deliver it to you!

    Michelle Clothier

  4. Kate,

    I would love to mail Lucy a little something for her birthday. Can you please send me an address along with what size shirt she wears? melonywallace@hotmail.com

    My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. It breaks my heart to hear of another child that has to fight for their life because of cancer. I HATE cancer, too!!

  5. Kate,
    You don't know me(found your blog through another), but I just wanted you to know that I am praying for your family. I am praying for complete healing for your daughter & peace thtat passes all understanding for your entire family. "But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed" Isaiah 53:5

  6. Hi Kate..My name is Laura and I found out about your precious family through one of our choir members, Howard Jerry. We go to Crosspointe Baptist in Millington. I would be blessed and honored if you would allow me to bring some "goodies" up to Lucy on Monday morning. Cupcakes, some 'fun' things for her birthday from my boys (12 yrs, 8 yrs & 2), etc. We are very close to a family who went down this horrible road of cancer with their little boy at 6 years old (who is thriving now at 12 years old!!)..we walked it with them, so I understand from that aspect what you are going thru. Please let me know via email (laura@experiencecrosspointe.com) or cell: 901-496-2550 if I can do this for you and for Lucy ... and for your family. Our choir has been praying for you since Howard let us know what you are going thru. It would be my sincere pleasure to bring some things to you all on Monday. Thank you so much...as a mommy, I am praying for you. As a Christian, I am praying for God's will, His comfort, His peace and His healing for your family. In Him, Laura Fitzgerald

  7. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself....you don't know me, but I have met Kristi Johnson....AGCI friends- and she posted about your story on her blog which brought me here.

    I wanted to write you a note of encouragement. Sometimes there are just no words to express, but there is always hope! The day after my 8th birthday...I remember it well. You see my birthday is in the summer and we were on a vacation- in the camper of course. I had terrible pains....and couldn't go to the bathroom although it felt like it constantly...

    My parents ended up taking me to the emergency room. They originally thought I had kidney failure, but then discovered the HATED AWFUL word- cancer.

    My cancer had "shifted" and "rolled" onto my bladder giving me these complications...which looking back- saved my life. Because of all the pain we knew something had happened.

    Within a week I had surgery- 14 hours, 7 doctors, and a child that had cancer that weighed 5lbs.- removed along with all of my female organs, and several other bits and pieces (anything I didn't "need").

    For several months (years really) I had radiation treatments. The only thing I know is that our family was held together by God. My father was a truck driver- not easy when daddy is gone most of the week. Mom was with me at a hospital hours away....and my brothers left with grandparents......for the whole week. Traveling back and forth.

    The many many many nights throwing up. The uncertainties, the loneliness waiting for doctor after doctor, the long weeks separated as a family. The list goes on....

    ALL THAT TO SAY- THERE IS HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow in all of that- GOD CHOSE TO SAVE ME, TO SAVE MY FAMILY! To heal us all!!!!!!

    I am now 37 years old....almost 30 years ago now. And yet it is ingrained into my brain. The MIRACLE GOD DID IS SOOO HUGE THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT!!!!

    Lord I lift this family to you- especially Lucy. Praying healing over her. Praying strength, mercy, and peace for all of them. Hold them up when they can't stand. Guide them, watch over them, and sustain them.

    PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi. I don't know you but, I saw a prayer request for you guys over at Kristi's blog. Just wanted you to know I am sending lots of prayers your way! I pray God will lift you all up and continue to heal your sweet girl. He has a plan and doesn't make mistakes; stay faithful! God bless you all!

  9. I am praying for Lucy and your family!!!

  10. I have been keeping up with you all since Thursday. I am sorry to hear that Lucy will still be in the hospital on her birthday! On the other hand, this way I will get to bring her birthday present!! Still praying for Lucy and your family!!


  11. Kate,

    I have contacted Incharacter Productions to see if they have someone that could dress has Buzz and come and see Lucy on Monday. Presley also has a buzz costume that he wore for halloween last year, with wings and everything, that we would love to send for Lucy to have. I could send it by Uncle Chuck or Amanda if you think it would be something Lucy would like. If that doesn't work my sister Megan is looking into finding a costume and she thinks she could get someone from her church to dressup in it and come see you guys on Monday. We have been constant prayer for you guys. Ty insists that when we pray for Lucy that we pray on our knees face to the ground. He says " This way Jesus knows we mean business." On a side note, there is a great Beth Moore bible study where you start each session like this. I will let you know as soon as I hear something on the costumes.My husbands nephew is VP of Field Operations at St. Jude his name is Chris Boysen and he said anything that you all need please let him know. I will get his info for you. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do for you all. My cell is 901-734-4888 hm: 901-476-9677 wk : 901-475-1074

  12. Kate,

    Just received an text from the lady at incharacter productions. She said that she has been contacted by others also and has contacted you, so looks like Buzz is coming for a visit. Please let me know if you would want the costume for Lucy that I mentioned earlier. Also, Presley has been wanting to send Lucy his batman cape because he says that " she needs her superhero strength to get better." So I found this wonderful Christian lady in South Bend, Indiana that is making a "Super Lucy" cape. We were hoping that it would be here by Monday but it looks like it maybe later in the week.
    We are praying for you guys !

  13. Do you have an address at the hospital so we could send her cards? and maybe some pics of our family so that she can see faces of the people that are praying for her?
    (((HUGS))) Michelle

  14. Hello,
    You don't know me but a blog friend told me to stop by and specially pray for your Lucy and your family. I certainly will. I have talked about you to many of family and friends and asked many of my blog friends to add your buttom and visit you blog, will have an army of prayers for you and your family.

    I am way too far to help, but I will pray,


  15. I know you don't know me, I went to college with Melody Honeycutt...
    I pray for comfort in knowing that God's grace, love and mercy surround you and your family....thought I'd share this poem with you.. God spoke to me in a very trying time in my life - this is what He said:

    God loves you my dear child.
    He loves you when you life seems all but mild.
    He knows when you hurt, He knows when you cry.
    He cares for you and understands when all you can ask is “Why?”
    He’s there trying to help you be strong, like all those times you feel you don’t belong.
    He’s there when you feel like you’ve got no one; He knows when you need someone.
    When life hands you situations you didn’t expect,
    All those times when your frown outshines your smile, just remember...
    God loves you and He will never leave you.
    You are His, my dear child.

    Cary Wright, ©1996

  16. We would love to send Lucy a birthday gift. Can you provide the St. Jude address and info we need to send her a little happy? Many prayers are coming your way all over the country. My e-mail is lkelley11@gmail.com.
    ~Lauren Meewes

  17. I too found your blog through another blog and I can't stop thinking about and praying for Lucy! What a precious little girl you have and it just aches me to think about what you are going through. It's every parents worst nightmare I know! Please know there is an entire community out there that loves and cares for your family!

    We would LOVE to send Lucy a birthday package! I told my boys (7 & 10) about her and they can't stop asking questions and wanting to go visit her...even though I don't think we live close. They would be so excited to send her a care package. Please contact me at ginaaddison@hotmail.com if you would like!

    Take care and lots of love!

  18. Drew and I are praying for Lucy and your family. I was just telling him we should rent a costume and he could dress as buzz but as I read all these posts, it looks like you have it covered. The power of prayer and being connected to all those who love you all and even those you have never met is just amazing. Through sharing your story, I have learned now that 3 families already new about Lucy and do not even know you. It is truly amazing how we are all connected through God.

  19. Wow...a visit from the REAL Buzz Lightyear!!! Lucy really has reached rockstar status. I cannot wait to see those pictures. Here's hoping for seeing more of those giant cookie sized smiles! Oh - and after the Buzz visit - I'm certain our gift will not stir too much excitement for her, but it's really for her fashionista of a momma anyway. :-) xoxoxoxo to Lucy from Coco & Sebastian for a very Happy Birthday!

  20. Just sending you all love (found you through Kristi's blog also). Praying for you all and more specifically God's amazing healing. Big hugs mama!!!!

  21. Can't wait to see the look on Lucy's face when Buzz Lightyear enters the room on Monday. If only I lived closer I could help you decorate the room to look like Toy Story. HA! I think the look on her face Monday will be the best medicine yet!

  22. oh...your LUCY has certainly broken my heart...I posted about it on my blog after hearing her story..I will pray UNTIL your baby girl is healed...From a MOMMA of a LUCY...i just can't imagine...KNOW that many strangers from around the world ARE PRAYING!! kristi johnson
    www.weloveourlucy.blogspot.com "lucy Lane's momma"

  23. Is their an address to send Lucy a little something ?