A Special Visit

A special visit from a special friend.

If Lucy is Buzz, then Hyatt is Woody.  A pair indeed!

I thank God for Hyatt and his love for Lucy.  It absolutely does not phase him that Lucy has messed up hair, or that she is stuck in this hospital room or that her appearance has changed a little due to steroids.  I really doubt that he will hardly even check up when she looses her hair.  They have been best friends since she was born and they are a perfect pair.  They fight like brother and sister then love just the same way.  Even on her bad days at Le Bonheur she would ask for Hyatt and would perk up as much as possible once he came to visit.  It does her soul good and mine, too.  I love to see the sparkle return to her eyes when he is hear playing Wii with her, dancing to make her laugh and saying silly gibberish things that only she thinks are hilarious.  He's the best medicine for her by far.

We love you sweet, precious Hyatt.  A dear friend until the end!
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  2. It is so good to see that beautiful smile on Lucy's face. God love her she is so precious, and she truly does look wonderful, for all she has been through already. Aren't children just amazing, and so brave?! They say that a true friend will always be there through thick and thin, good and bad, and love us for who we are, not how we look. Lucy has been blessed with an angel on earth, in Hyatt, and if he keeps her smiling and happy, along this long journey she is traveling, God Bless him and keep him visiting her as often as possible.
    Continued prayers, that Lucy will stay strong, and feeling good as she goes through her radiation treatments. May the good Lord grant Mommy and Daddy continued faith, hope and believing! Sending Hugs to all!
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

  3. Kate,
    We have never met but do have some mutual friends. You have inspired me to be a better mother, person, and Christian. You are such an amazing woman with a contiagious faith. I look forward to your post everyday to see how Lucy is doing. I have a son her age and can't imagine going through what you are. We pray for you everyday! Thank you for the way you have touched all of us!! You and your family are amazing! Go Lucy Go!

  4. We will be praying for Lucy to stay fever free and all of you to spend some time at home together again! We are happy to hear your good news and see the wonderful pictures of Lucy smiling!

    Carmen Pfeifer

  5. That is a great picture! What a sweet post...

  6. How wonderful Lucy has a friend like that. I am happy to hear that she had some joy to fill her day.

    Praying and praying,

  7. Kate, I pray for Lucy and your family everyday. I came across your blog on a mutual friends page on Facebook, Amy Ball Spurlin, I also work with Donna Harmon, she lives in Tipton County, she got me a Lucy bow and I have it on my mailbox. I check your blog everyday for updates!!! I will continue to keep Lucy and your family in my prayers..
    God Bless your family!
    Jeannie Marie Bryan-Wilson, Collierville, TN