Happy Birthday to Maddie

March 25th was a very special day.  My sweet neice Maddie turned one.  I remeber my sister's 14 hour labor like it was yesterday.  Rebecca did great and slept through a lot of the night.  I did, too.  Actually I slept on her couch, on the lobby chaise, in the waiting room chairs....anywhere I could.  You see, I was less than 12 weeks pregnant myself with sweet Jack and was exhausted.  I wanted more than anything to be there when Madeline Rose made her entrance into the world.  I pushed myself as hard as I could but gave out around 2:00am.  I finally went home and when I called her at 6:30 to check in I heard the most beutiful little voice crying in the background.  I couldn't believe I missed it, but I was so glad she was here safe and healthy.

Maddie has brought so much joy to all of our lives.  She is so funny.  She looks just like her Daddy and acts just like her Mommy.  She is so dainty; always holding her hand out like a princess.  That crazy strawberry hair makes me laugh and her funny expressions bring a smile to my face every time I see her.  Her sweet peaches and cream skin is the most kissable ever and I just love her like she is mine.

Like most new moms, my sister has been planning Maddie's first birthday for months.  She just wanted everything to be perfect.  It wasn't ever going to be a huge party, just family and close friends.  I had been planning on making her the perfect birthday gift (I'm still going to smock that dress before its all said and done) and I couldn't wait to see her dig into her moo-cow smash cake.  Unfortunately plans changed for us and clearly we weren't able to make it.  Ella did attend with my parents, but the rest of us were here stuck in the hospital.

We did get to celebrate with her on Friday, though.  Just a little cupcake sharing between two cousins. The pictures aren't the best and I don't have any of my super cute Maddie pictures here at the hosptial to post, but I wanted to share just a few of the ones I have. 

We love you sweet Maddie-Moo!!! 
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  1. I have been following Lucy's story for a little while. One night I got to reading one of your post to my husband asking him to pray for Lucy and your family with me. Since then he has been very touch and has felt the need to do something for all of the kids. He is a contemporary christian artist and we were thinking about doing some kind of concert/toy drive for the kids. I have no idea how to even start and I figured you knew how I could take the first step and somebody I could get in touch with. My name is Kristi Caswell and my husband is Frank. If you wouldn't mind and when you have time, could you please email me at kcaswell87@gmail.com with any information you can find out for me. Here is a link to Frank's music page if you would like to check it more. www.frankcaswell.tmgartist.com

    We will continue to pray for Lucy's healing and peace and comfort for the rest of the family.

  2. Such great memories =) Im glad yall got to visit and cupcakes make it all better!!...or so thinks my 2 yr old HA!
    Praying for you guys tonight! Its nasty weather out..praying yall all get good rest though--maybe the rain will help! =)

  3. Hi. I have been keeping up with Lucy's story through this blog since shortly after her diagnosis. Last Tuesday, (3/22) our 4-year-old daughter, Kellan, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. We traveled from East TN to LeBonheur on Wednesday (we have seen lots of Go Lucy butons here!), and she had her tumor resecction on Friday morning. We are still here and will be moving to St. Jude for treatment soon--I have a feeling our paths will cross at some point. Your blog has been good for me--it gives me some sense of what we have coming next in a world of huge unknowns. We have been praying for Lucy and continue to do so--we are so glad to see that she is feeling better and will keep an eye out for you all at St. Jude. Thanks--Sarah Good